Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodent Control in Bryan & College Station, TX

Rodent control includes everything from mice to squirrels to raccoons! It is not something you want to perform on your own. Due to their biology and habits, rodents can be quite challenging to control and dangerous at times. These animals may hide in hard to reach places including walls, under porches, in attics and other hard to reach areas. They are rapid breeders, reproducing often, so once you suspect you may have an unwanted visitor, we need to take care of the problem. 

Rodent’s bodies are flexible, and they are capable of squeezing through small spaces, even as small as a dime! They carry diseases such as hantavirus, salmonella, and rabies and can be very aggressive. Many rodent species feed on seeds and grains, so keeping these away from your establishment can help from attracting rodents.

Rodent Control College Station, TX

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Rodent Prevention Tips:  If you have any holes or openings around your home or garage, make sure they are sealed off to prevent these critters from entering your home or business. Always check around your home for signs of any nesting that may be occurring and remove them.   If you have any questions or need any more information on Rodents, please contact our office at 979-822-5524. 
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