College Station, TX

College Station, TX

Located in the heart of central Texas, lies the city of College Station. College Station has grown from around 2,000 residents to more than 100,000. Even while the city has expanded and experienced much growth, it has maintained the small town feel. Like in any area, College Station experiences problems with pests, rodents, and termites. Luckily, Binford Insect Control Services is nearby offering control services, to make sure your home or office is not infested with these critters. 
At Binford Insect Control Services, we offer excellent termite, rodent & pest control services. No one wants to worry about unwanted guests. That is why we offer preventative measures and control services so that you are not bothered by tiny critters. From ants and bees to beg bugs, mosquitos and more, we are here for you every step of the way. 

Take back your home or business from these unwanted guests by calling us today!

Unbeatable Pest Control Services

Spiders and scorpions are some of the pests that College Station residents need to deal with. For the most part, these pests keep to themselves, but there are some species that are dangerous. The highly-trained pest control specialists at Binford Insect Control Services have the knowledge and experience needed to help you with these pest control services. We have years of experience dealing with spiders and scorpions, and can help you identify, remove, and create a plan to keep these pests out. 
Pest Control Service College Station, TX

Quality Termite Control Services

Many times, a home is someone’s largest investment and most important asset. Why let termites steal this away from you? Each year, termites cause millions of dollars in damage. By having the right team on your side to help you monitor and treat termites, you can eliminate your termite problem and keep them away. Binford Insect Control Services offers personalized termite control services depending on your situation. We understand that everyone’s situation is different which is why we take an individualized approach to each case. 

We can help you with full and partial treatments, spot treatments, baiting and monitoring the situation. We understand that there might not be one single treatment to fix the problem, but we will work with you until the problem is eliminated. 

When you spot termites, it is important to address the situation right away, as leaving it could cause more costly problems for you. Contact our termite control specialists today for more information or to get started on tackling your termite issue. 

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