Bee Control

Bee Control

Bees can be found in all areas of the world. There are more than 20,000 recorded species of bees. While most bees are solitary, there are some species that are more social and can be aggressive.  Honey bees can live up to five years, but most live an average of two to three years. The only bee in the hive that can reproduce is the queen bee. Males exist to fertilize the queen and die soon after while females perform tasks necessary to the survival of the hive and live about six weeks because of their hard labor.

Honey bees are not a major threat unless you are dealing with Africanized honey bees. Although bees can benefit the environment, it could be dangerous to let a bee hive persist around your home. Sometimes, bees are mistaken for wasps, as they have similar characteristics. We treat all types of bees, and in some cases, if at all possible, we will have a beekeeper come out and relocate the hive. 

Pest Control Service Bryan, TX
Bees swarming around a hive
 If you are experiencing a wasp, hornet or bee problem, it is important to rely on a pest control professional. Binford Insect Control Services, servicing the Bryan/College Station area since 1947, can help you with your bee problems. We have the knowledge and experience needed to rid your home of bee hives. Special applications and strategies must be considered when dealing with bees as it could be dangerous. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a service for us to come take a look.

Trust Binford Insect Control Services, to properly protect your home from bees!

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