Bed Bugs

Controlling Bed Bugs

Bed Bug & Termite Control in College Station, TX

Having bed bugs can seriously harm your mental state. Paranoia sets in and you just can’t get to sleep. If you do have bedbugs, it does not mean you have an unclean home. Even the cleanest 5-Star hotels get bed bugs. Bed bugs travel in on furniture, bags bedding or even people. Even if you show no bite marks on your skin, bed bugs could still lurk in your mattress folds and box springs.

Not all homes show visible signs of a bed bug infestation, and they typically only feast at night when you cannot see them. They can be very tiny, so you may not see them at first. Please call us today if you are worried about having a bed bug infestation. We can come out and inspect your home, and put your mind to ease.  

Trust our pest control service the next time you discover a bed bug!

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